How Much I Love Lolligag...


Edited from my comment on the competition:
Dear Lolligag

Lolligag is my favouritest thing in the world... I don't even know how to describe it, I love it so much!

I have favourited and rated all of your youtube videos, I have even subscribed. On every video you will find a comment from me too!

As well as that I have tried my best to promote Lolligag on this very blog and I will continue to do so every day until the competition closes!

Although I don't have twitter or facebook I have posted many things about lolligag on Google Buzz. ^^ I have been emailing all my friends about it too!

And finally I would just like to say that I go on the Lolligag website every day and I am on the mailing list too! I have set the wallpapers on the site as my computer background and I have them changing so I can see all three at once :)

As you can see, I am Lolligag's biggest fan!

Love From Lolliepopsie

I really am Lolligag's biggest fan, and everything I say is true. That is why I would be over the moon if I could win the competition! Every day until the 17th December I will be posting about Lolligag and the competition in this blog. Please don't get annoyed with me, I am just trying my best! Don't forget there is still plenty of time to enter, and you can do so by visiting TokyoBunnie's Blog Entry.


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