I Won I Won I Won!


I am sure that most of you will know about the Lolligag Competition that I have been busy with for the past week. If you haven't heard about it... Well, just look back a couple of posts and you can see how crazy I went over it!

So you can imagine my excitement when I opened my googlemail and found a very special message..

Of course I rushed to my Flickr straight away where I could read the message properly! And... I won I won I won!

At that point I was going absolutely hyper so I had to get of the computer. I was dancing around screaming for about an hour after that! I'm not joking!

When I finally calmed down a little I decided to do something to show my appreciation. And what better way then through a picture? It took me all morning, but it's finally finished and I am very pleased with the result!

Then I remembered that I still hadn't replied to the message, so I went and did that right away! I sent in my drawing too, so I hope I can share with them some of the happiness that they've given me.


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