A Little More About Me


My name is lolliepopsie. That is of course not my real name, but it is the name I go by on the internet. If you happen to see someone called lolliepopsie whilst browsing the web one day, then it is most probably me! Please do come and say hello!

You can probably tell by my name, but I love lollipops! I like finding cute lollipop themed things, and if I do happen to find something interesting I will share it here immediately!

As well as lollipops I like anything cute and kawaii. That means cute in hello kitty language! I love hello kitty and sanrio too, if I happen to see something whilst shopping I will rush over screaming "Hello Kittyyyyyyyy!!!" like a two year old! I'm not joking!

That leads me to my next passion; shopping. I love to go shopping every week, and normally end up spending a whole lot too! But we all need a treat once in a while! I like shopping for clothes and accessories mainly, when I'm older I would like to be a fashion designer. My favourite fashion style at the moment is sweet lolita, and although I do not really own anything overly lolita, I love looking at the pretty dresses on the internet!

Lolita originated in Japan, along with many other things I like. I really like anime, which is a cartoon drawing style. There are many tv shows and comics based on the idea of anime, and a lot of them just happen to be adorable!

My favourite anime, however, is pokemon. That is my number one favourite thing of all! I am a huge fan! I have been collecting for eight years, so I have been building up a huge collection. Under my (cabin) bed I have made a little 'pokemon paradise' where I keep all my pokemon themed merchandise! My favourite pokemon is Eevee, and my favourite character is May. I share so much in common with her that it's scary. But for now I won't go into details.

My birthday is, yes, in May. The 27th to be exact. I love my birthday and wouldn't have it any other way! I was born in 1997, so I am thirteen years old at the moment. This is quite a hard time for me as although age-wise I am a teenager, I really do not feel like one. Don't get me wrong though, I love being thirteen and am really not looking forward to my fourteenth birthday!


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