My Kawaii DS


A few days ago I enjoyed reading my friend Izzy's post, My Kawaii DS. I really wished mine could look like that! So after recieving my Kitty DS Pack for Christmas, I decided to try it myself!

Okay, so let's grab my DS and Accessories...

...And get to work!

After swapping my boring case for my Hello Kitty one it was looking much cuter already! Then I just added a few keyrings and game cases. Finally I swapped my white stylus (I lost both of my pink ones, AND my Limited Ed. Mario one!) for one of the matching pink ones.

Super kawaii! Still not as cute as Izzy's, but looking much happier already!

I had to put it all back though, because I don't look after my stuff very well... I dropped the case three times when I was trying to put it away! Oh dearie...


KittyMikuSan said...

Nice kitty accessories...It cutie :))

lolliepopsie said...

Thank you! :)

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