Tama Town!


I have discovered an ultra kawaii virtual world called TamaTown! This is a place where tamagotchi lovers can get together to chat, play and more! I have a lot of tamagotchi's already, my collection includes one limited edition familitchi, two spanish limited editions (from when I was on holiday ;D), two version threes, two version twos and an accessory pack. I do not really play them any more, which is why I only just decided to go on the tamagotchi website.

At first I was a bit dissapointed to find that you can only have a very limited username, but then I had an idea to make it work! This is what I came up with, does it remind you of anything?!!

As soon as I entered the town with my new tamagotchi I immediately fell in love with the adorable graphics! I found all the pictures and layouts just adorable! After exploring a little, I still had no idea what to do but just enjoyed looking around. My favourite place is the lollipop castle of course!

I really wish I could live there! Unfortuanetly my house isn't as exciting... Hopefully I will get some new furniature soon, and when I do I will be sure to post some new screenshots! But until then, adios!


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