Cool Crackers!


Today we pulled probably the nicest crackers I have ever seen! They looked so pretty, I saved all the ribbon and paper to use for another art project!

They were more for adults than children, with puzzles instead of jokes and quite serious gifts.

But I still got some nice things which I am really happy with! I had to swap a few times, but everyone was happy with what they got in the end!

I got a pretty phone charm and photo frame. I tried to be artistic with the photo but I don't think it worked, sorry about the bad quality. Anyway I think you can make it out, what do you think? I love them and am going to start using them soon!


More Presents!


Today I went to my grandparents' house. We all exchanged presents, and I got lots of lovely things!

My favourites were a 2011 diary and beautiful bookmark, pictured above, and a sweet little nail set.

I also got a very sparkly purse with a one pence coin in it. My Grandma told me that you should never give someone a purse without a penny because 'if you save the pennies the pounds will follow'. I'm going to remember that from now on!


Mameshiba Christmas



A New Moshi House!


I finally got something which I have been saving for months for! A fourth room for my house on Moshi Monsters! It seems like a little Christmas present from the Moshi Team!

Here is my house at the moment, isn't it lovely? I love the cake style!


All I need now is a fifth room, and then it will be complete! But for now I am just going to enjoy my freedom and spend spend spend!

My Kawaii DS


A few days ago I enjoyed reading my friend Izzy's post, My Kawaii DS. I really wished mine could look like that! So after recieving my Kitty DS Pack for Christmas, I decided to try it myself!

Okay, so let's grab my DS and Accessories...

...And get to work!

After swapping my boring case for my Hello Kitty one it was looking much cuter already! Then I just added a few keyrings and game cases. Finally I swapped my white stylus (I lost both of my pink ones, AND my Limited Ed. Mario one!) for one of the matching pink ones.

Super kawaii! Still not as cute as Izzy's, but looking much happier already!

I had to put it all back though, because I don't look after my stuff very well... I dropped the case three times when I was trying to put it away! Oh dearie...



Merry Christmas everyone! I'm sure this is a very exciting time for you all, and I hope you all got lots of lovely presents!

I got lots and lots of Hello Kitty things, I love them all! Here is a picture I took...

Aren't they cute? I got a Hello Kitty Towel, Socks (Yush!), DS Accesory Kit and Silly Bandz!

For those of you that don't know what Silly Bandz are, they are little elastics that come in lots of different shapes. You can wear them on your wrists and collect and trade. They are The Craze at the moment here in England! I got lots of normal Silly Bandz too, I tried to squeeze them all in for another photo!

I mainly got dinasaurs and a few animals, but the Hello Kitty ones are much better!

I seem to have got so much Kitty stuff this year... But my other obsessions haven't been left out completely! I got a few little bits and pieces of Pokemon and Moshi Monsters too.

As well as all this I got some really cute decorations for my bedroom, including a clock that projects stars onto the ceiling and a really pretty photo frame with my name on! And I got some darling little cupcake storage boxes...


I love all my gifts, apart from my SkullCandy Headphones. This is because they are red and I only like pink. But my parents said that they will talk to Father Christmas and see if he can change them, so that's okay!

Actually, you may have noticed that something is missing. Yes, that is my laptop... My non-existant one. It was going to be the present from my parents. They are not very good with computers so they gave me some money instead, so I can choose my own! I agree that this is better, but I am still dissapointed that I can't use it right away!

Anyway, that's enough about me, did you guys get any nice presents? I would love to hear all about your Christmas, drop a comment here and I will reply as soon as I can!


Pokemon Meme


Sorry about all the pokemon recently, I just keep finding so many interesting things!

Today's pokemon artwork is a Meme (or fun questionnaire) made by ChibiSilverWings. She has been very kind to me ever since I joined DeviantART, and even gave me my very first badge! A huge thankyou for that!

Anyway, here is the Meme! It took me a very long time, but I have at last finished!

I hope you enjoyed that, and don't forget you can fill it in yourself too by clicking here. I would love to see some others too, so please send your finished works to lolliepopsie[at]googlemail[dot]com or comment with the links here. I will publish the best ones in my blog!


Me As A Pokemon!


Could you imagine me as a pokemon? After finding Zilleniose's Blank Pokemon ID on DeviantART, I decided to have a go at turning myself into one!

I am not that good at pixelling, but I am really pleased with the result. It was really fun too!


Adorable Lollipop Plushies!


I have found a really cute handmade-shop site, LollyVillage! There they sell absolutley adorable plushie lollipops!

My favourite is...

Strawberry Riple The Plushie Lolly

I would buy the whole shop if I could! But I have no method of payment... *sigh*


Pressents From My Bestie


My best friend popped round today to give me some lovely pressents! Just look at all these candy cuties...

Chocolate Hello Kitty Christmas Tree Decorations

Chocolate Hello Kitty Beauty Set

And my favourite...
 A Giant Rainbow Lollipop!

A huge thank you for all the gifts, you know how much I love them!

I Won I Won I Won!


I am sure that most of you will know about the Lolligag Competition that I have been busy with for the past week. If you haven't heard about it... Well, just look back a couple of posts and you can see how crazy I went over it!

So you can imagine my excitement when I opened my googlemail and found a very special message..

Of course I rushed to my Flickr straight away where I could read the message properly! And... I won I won I won!

At that point I was going absolutely hyper so I had to get of the computer. I was dancing around screaming for about an hour after that! I'm not joking!

When I finally calmed down a little I decided to do something to show my appreciation. And what better way then through a picture? It took me all morning, but it's finally finished and I am very pleased with the result!

Then I remembered that I still hadn't replied to the message, so I went and did that right away! I sent in my drawing too, so I hope I can share with them some of the happiness that they've given me.




I have been meaning to join DeviantART for a very, very long time. And guess what, I finally joined! I have been working on a drawing for the most part of the evening, I really hope you like it.

I am really very proud of it! Hopefully more pictures like this are on their way, so keep your eyes open!


The Last Day Of Lolligag


As well as the last day of school, today is also the last day of the Lolligag Competition! I am going to be trying extra hard to get as many entries as possible! I am so excited, I can't wait until they reveal the winner! I wish everyone good luck. But of course, I do so hope it is me! Who knows, fingers crossed...

The Last Day Of School!


Today was the last day at school for me! We didn't really do much today, mainly watching movies and playing games, so I had a great time! The teachers put on a pantomine, it was really funny!

Of course there is always a downside to breaking up for the holidays, which is saying goodbye to friends. But we have some things organised to do together over Christmas so it's not that bad!

I gave out my cards and pressents, and got some in return too of course. I got a Terry's Chocolate Orange, a bath set, perfume, and lots of cards! My best friend says she has a little surprise for me, which she will give me tommorrow! I can't wait!


One Day Left!


Lolligag Animated Short #3: Sneak Peek
Grab your blankie and rush over to the Lolligag Competition, before it's too late!

Ways To Describe Lolligag


Ways To Describe Lolligag

Click The Button!


Lolli Papercraft!


I found this lollipop papercraft a while ago and was meaning to print it out, but I completely forgot! Just now I found it in my folder and I thought I would share it with you all.


I love it! The lovely artwork for this design was made by kickass-peanut on DeviantArt. By visiting her profile you can find many other cute and kawaii things!

Lollipop Song



A Poem From A Friend


Today I found a lovely poem from one of my friends on Moshi Monsters!

Isn't it adorable? I am so lucky to have such amazing friends, thank you everyone!

Lolita Wigs


Today whilst I was reading my usual subscriptions, I found a very interesting post from the Lolita Charm Blog about wigs. I do not own any wigs, or even considered owning one actually. But when I read this, I instantly changed my mind!

As most of you know, I am huge fan of the lolita fashion style. I am always very jealous when I see pictures of lolita girls with beautiful hair! However, it never occured to me that their hair might just be a wig. I had always thought of wigs as an unrealistic addition to a dress-up outfit, but upon reading this I realize that they can look just as good as real hair in only a few seconds!

After searching around the internet a little I found one that is absolutely perfect!


Now I've just got to convince my parents...


A Picture For Lolligag


In Triple Science today I was really bored, so I got out my notebook and started doodling. Then I thought I could draw something for Lolligag! Here it is, I hope you like...

Do what the little speach bubble says, enter now!


How Much I Love Lolligag...


Edited from my comment on the competition:
Dear Lolligag

Lolligag is my favouritest thing in the world... I don't even know how to describe it, I love it so much!

I have favourited and rated all of your youtube videos, I have even subscribed. On every video you will find a comment from me too!

As well as that I have tried my best to promote Lolligag on this very blog and I will continue to do so every day until the competition closes!

Although I don't have twitter or facebook I have posted many things about lolligag on Google Buzz. ^^ I have been emailing all my friends about it too!

And finally I would just like to say that I go on the Lolligag website every day and I am on the mailing list too! I have set the wallpapers on the site as my computer background and I have them changing so I can see all three at once :)

As you can see, I am Lolligag's biggest fan!

Love From Lolliepopsie

I really am Lolligag's biggest fan, and everything I say is true. That is why I would be over the moon if I could win the competition! Every day until the 17th December I will be posting about Lolligag and the competition in this blog. Please don't get annoyed with me, I am just trying my best! Don't forget there is still plenty of time to enter, and you can do so by visiting TokyoBunnie's Blog Entry.


Lolligag Giveaway!


My favouritest thing in the world, Lolligag, is hosting a HUGE competition! They are giving away everything you could ever dream of!

Here's what you could win:
1. The Lolligag Tote
2. The Limited Edition Tee
3. 'Life is Sweet' Tee
4. 'Kickin' it Old School' Tee
5. 'Cuter Than You' Tee
Aren't they just lovely?!! I would like the sooo badly... And here's how you could win them too!:

-Comment on Lolligag's video 'Superstar Party' on You Tube.
-Follow Lolligag on Twitter & re-post this giveaway
-Leave comments on Lolligag's Flickr photos
-Spread the word! Help promote as much as possible!

After you have done any of these things, all you have to do is comment >>HERE<< each time. Remember, every time you do one of the things listed above it counts as one entry! You have until the 17th December, good luck!


Christmas Pressies!


Today I went to do a little Christmas shopping to buy presents for a few of my friends! I am not so good when it comes to buying gifts, but this year I decided to get in early and find the perfect presents! Luckily I am sure that none of my friends read this blog (I haven't even told them about it yet, actually!) so I can spill the beans on my latest buys...

For my bestest friend, I decided to buy a one month moshi membership. We used to have a great time playing Moshi Monsters together, but then she stopped playing whilst I became the biggest fan... I really think she would like the opportunity to get back into it again, and what better way to do this then through a membership?


For my other best friend, finding a gift was a little harder. She is a little strange... But that is why I love her! She is really into Harry Potter and Ninjas at the moment, but even after hunting through a few shops I couldn't find anything. Then as a last resort I decided to go into the bookstore, where I found the whole collection of Harry Potter books! I didn't have a clue what ones she had read, but then I spotted an accompanyment book that I had at home, and I immediately knew that she would like it! It has background information on the creatures in the books along with random doodles! Perfect!

And finally I had to buy for my Secret Santa. I'm not sure if any of you have done this before but what happens is that everyone who is doing it puts their name in a hat and draws out someone else's name, then they have to buy that person a gift. It is a great way to make sure everyone gets something fairly! My class at school did this together, so it was likely that I got someone I didn't know very well. There is one easy way to overcome this problem, however... Chocolates! I decided to buy a Christmas Chocolate Gift Set, so I hope they enjoy.

I couldn't possibly manage to get pressents for everyone, so for my other friends I am going to get lots of Christmas cards! I'm not sure what these are going to be just yet, but I will try and find some special smaller gifts to put inside. I really hope they don't get upset!

My Moshi Cards



TamaTown Again!


I have been trying to explore TamaTown a little bit more, and I am pleased to say that I am beginning to get the hang of it! I have even managed to reach level two!

There are many cute games on the site, which you can play to earn experience points and eventually level up! You also earn CD Points and Gotchi Points which are used to buy items in-game. So far I haven't spotted anything I would like to buy, but maybe I am just not looking hard enough!

TamaTown is a cute place to hang out, but not enough to be my #1 just yet... There are three main reasons for this:

1. The lack of social features is rather insulting. As I discovered very early on in the making of my account, you are only allowed to choose a very limited username. Whilst this is not such a huge problem, it is still a little insulting that the creators do not trust us. Added to this is the chatting function. That is very limited too, as you can only say their ready-made words! The worst chatting system I have ever seen in my life!
2. The site is pure flash. This means that it has to take time to load at every turn, which can be quite irritating.
3. Older tamagotchi systems cannot be connected with the site. Yep, that means all SEVEN of my tamagotchis are completely useless. I would buy a new tamagotchi, but I will only do this if they allow us a bit more freedom with the social features.

Now, don't get me wrong, I think overall the site is very good and I would love to continue playing. But I think that everyone should bear these things in mind when making an account.


Hilarious Hogwarts!


My school friends have been obsessed with a particullar youtube video lately, and out of curiosity I decided to take a sneaky peak...

After watching I was in a fit of giggles! I love it! <3

Snape, Snape, Severus Snape... Dumbledore!...


Tama Town!


I have discovered an ultra kawaii virtual world called TamaTown! This is a place where tamagotchi lovers can get together to chat, play and more! I have a lot of tamagotchi's already, my collection includes one limited edition familitchi, two spanish limited editions (from when I was on holiday ;D), two version threes, two version twos and an accessory pack. I do not really play them any more, which is why I only just decided to go on the tamagotchi website.

At first I was a bit dissapointed to find that you can only have a very limited username, but then I had an idea to make it work! This is what I came up with, does it remind you of anything?!!

As soon as I entered the town with my new tamagotchi I immediately fell in love with the adorable graphics! I found all the pictures and layouts just adorable! After exploring a little, I still had no idea what to do but just enjoyed looking around. My favourite place is the lollipop castle of course!

I really wish I could live there! Unfortuanetly my house isn't as exciting... Hopefully I will get some new furniature soon, and when I do I will be sure to post some new screenshots! But until then, adios!



I was searching the internet earlier when I discovered Smilebox. This is a very unique service which allows you to make amazing scrapbooks, invitations and cards for free. It seemed like just the sort of thing I needed to liven up this blog a little, so I decided to give it a go!

The installation process was very simple, and after a few minutes I was ready to start creating. From the first click I found the user-friendly interface very easy to use. After a short amount of time I already had stunning displays, all ready to share!

Before uploading, I had to make a Smilebox account. But I was half expecting that anyway, so it was really not a problem. It wasn't long or difficult, and by typing in my googlemail address I was automatically connected to blogger, email and more.

I then uploaded my first attempt, which you can see by clicking on the new Things I Like... page. It contains all my favourite things presented in an interactive presentation, so I really hope you enjoy it!

Overall, my experience with Smilebox was a pleasant one, and I am deffinetly planning to use it again!

A Little More About Me


My name is lolliepopsie. That is of course not my real name, but it is the name I go by on the internet. If you happen to see someone called lolliepopsie whilst browsing the web one day, then it is most probably me! Please do come and say hello!

You can probably tell by my name, but I love lollipops! I like finding cute lollipop themed things, and if I do happen to find something interesting I will share it here immediately!

As well as lollipops I like anything cute and kawaii. That means cute in hello kitty language! I love hello kitty and sanrio too, if I happen to see something whilst shopping I will rush over screaming "Hello Kittyyyyyyyy!!!" like a two year old! I'm not joking!

That leads me to my next passion; shopping. I love to go shopping every week, and normally end up spending a whole lot too! But we all need a treat once in a while! I like shopping for clothes and accessories mainly, when I'm older I would like to be a fashion designer. My favourite fashion style at the moment is sweet lolita, and although I do not really own anything overly lolita, I love looking at the pretty dresses on the internet!

Lolita originated in Japan, along with many other things I like. I really like anime, which is a cartoon drawing style. There are many tv shows and comics based on the idea of anime, and a lot of them just happen to be adorable!

My favourite anime, however, is pokemon. That is my number one favourite thing of all! I am a huge fan! I have been collecting for eight years, so I have been building up a huge collection. Under my (cabin) bed I have made a little 'pokemon paradise' where I keep all my pokemon themed merchandise! My favourite pokemon is Eevee, and my favourite character is May. I share so much in common with her that it's scary. But for now I won't go into details.

My birthday is, yes, in May. The 27th to be exact. I love my birthday and wouldn't have it any other way! I was born in 1997, so I am thirteen years old at the moment. This is quite a hard time for me as although age-wise I am a teenager, I really do not feel like one. Don't get me wrong though, I love being thirteen and am really not looking forward to my fourteenth birthday!


The First Post...


The first post is always the hardest. Any blogger will tell you that, and for me it's no different. If there was an easy way around, we all would do it... But then all blogs would be the same! And that is not what blogging is about. Blogging is about doing things your own special way so that you can share your thoughts with others.

And that is exactly what I plan to do here! My blog will contain all sorts of little bits and bobs from my everyday life, hopefully which will be put together in a way which will be entertaining and enjoyable! I cannot promise that I will post everyday, but I will try my best to whenever I can...

But for now, please continue reading and I sincerily hope you enjoy the posts that follow!

Best regards,
lolliepopsie xx