Heart Hooks


Last week my parents bought me a very pretty heart shaped hook for my bedroom. It's so lovely and matches perfectly!

And now my dadsie is going to hang it up for me! Can't wait to start using it!



I'm really sorry that I haven't posted for such a while! I've been really busy at the moment... But hopefully soon I will be able to sort things out and get back on track!

I won't bother trying to catch up on missed entries, so let's just carry on from here. More posts on their way!




I made an account on twitter! I really didn't think I would... I thought maybe facebook would come first... But nope, this is my first social networking site!

And I am glad I did, I am loving it so far! I have found some lovely people to follow, and have even made some of my own tweets. But no followers yet, hopefully I will get some soon! But for the moment I'm still happy just to go around exploring the site a little more.

And that reminds me, I still have to add some contact buttons! I've been meaning to make some, but keep putting it off. Hopefully I can get to work on them soon!




After a long day at school I arrived home, and my brother asked me "Did you have a nice day? Well your day just got even better!" and then he gave me a huge parcel! Of course I knew immediately what it was!

I was so excited! I opened it straight away and there it was... All my Lolligag stuff!

They are even cuter in real life than on the picture! I tried on the tops and everything fits, so I'm going to wear them all the time from now on!

Everything is good without problem as far as I can see, only the tee on the bottom left is missing. But as that was a limited edition, I suppose they must have just run out! They gave me some leaflets and stickers instead though, so it doesn't matter! I am still super-duper happy!


Online Swapping


A while ago I discovered a site, swapit.co.uk, where kids and teens can trade items online. I have been thinking about joining for a while now!

And yesterday I finaly braved to go and ask my dadsie about it. I was quite worried that he would say no but he was very nice about it, he went and had a look at the site before making a decision. And he said that I could join!

I only had a little time to explore the site yesterday, which is why I am writing about now. I have found much more about it, although I still have many questions!

Hopefully I will be making my first trades soon, if I do I will let you know!


Shopping Again


Today I went shopping again! Big shopping this time.

The main reason for going was to exchange my red SkullCandy headphones (that I got for Christmas) for pink ones.

These ones are much nicer! My other ones had a black cord but I prefer the white. And the sound quality is amazing!

I also got the most amazing shoes, that I have wanted for a very long time! They cost £70, worth every penny!

Ed Hardy is one of my favourite designers. It is very popular in Hungary, and my friend over there really loved it. I absolutely hated it, and couldn't see why she loved it so much. But then she gave me an Ed Hardy notebook, and of course I accepted it with a smile just to be polite. And I just couldn't stop looking at it! Every five minutes I woud go and have a look at the front cover, the design was just so curious. After a while of doing this, I grew to absolutely love it!

I got some nice white blouses from New Look, for school.

I also got a few more little things, including some very strange bracelets! They seem to be a mixture of keyrings and silly bandz, very interesting! I think I might wear them to school tommorrow. And finally I got one more pack of Moshi Cards, of course.




I haven't thought about college very much yet, but after seeing this post it really got me thinking. It was all about Ueda College Of Fashion. As, of course, I am hoping to become a fashion designer, I think this would be the perfect college for me! They also concentrate mainly on lolita, my favourite style!

Their curriculum covers fashion drawing, color theory, and fashion theory, as well as the practical aspects of sewing and constructing unique lolita fashion garments within the guidelines of the style. There is even a gothic and lolita history course! I want to learn them all!

There is only one problem... It's in Japan.

I really want to learn Japanese, but I don't think that's going to happen because my school doesn't offer courses in it.

And even if I could somehow learn to speak fluent Japanese in a few years, I'm not so sure about being so far away from my family. I know I will be a bit older by then, but still...

I don't think there is ever going to be anything like this in England, but I will keep looking. Who knows, I might just find something!


My New Youtube Video!


After a lot of hard work, I finally finished my new youtube video!

It's anime music video to the song Like A G6 by Far East Movement. That song is very popular in England at the moment, and it's one of my favourites. This time I tried to get the people to 'sing' to the music, which is something I've never tried before but I think it worked.

Anyway, enough babbling, why not watch it for yourself!

I hope you liked it, and don't forget to subscribe!




Today I did a little more shopping. Even if it's just locally, I never miss out on a good shopping trip!

Firstly I bought two packs of Moshi Cards, as usual. Unfortunately I only got doubles, and the code items weren't very good either. Better luck next time!

My dad bought me a cute little keyring. Inside were Chocolate Truffles!

I also saw a very nice top in M&Co, for only £15!


I didn't have time to try it on so couldn't buy, but am definetly going to as soon as I have the chance!


Hello Kitty Photo Frame


On the back of my chocolate calender was a cut-out-and-keep Hello Kitty Photo Frame! It looked really cute so I decided to give it a go.

I changed the instructions around a bit and did it my own way, because I didn't want to fold Kitty's head in half. But I think it looks much better like that!

Too bad I only thought of scanning in the template after I had finished, but never mind...


A Lovely Drawing!


Look at this adorable drawing that my best friend BirthdayRain made for me!

The best Christmas present ever! You know how much I love it <3

You are the most wonderful person in the whole wide world BirthdayRain, don't forget that!


New Year's Resolutions


New Year is a great time for fresh starts, and I always like to set myself little goals to try and achieve in the year ahead!

  1. Keep my computer sorted! Bookmarks, pictures, videos, all in the correct folders!
  2. Reply to all messages as soon as I get them! Whether they be emails, friend requests, or comments! I'm normally really slow at replying to messages, so I think this is something that I should try and do this year.
  3. Become a 'proper' lolita. At the moment I'm just a huge lolita wannabe. I would really like to try and start my own lolita wardrobe!
  4. Make or customise more of my own clothes. I mean, honestly. What kind of fashion designer will I be who doesn't sew anything?
  5. Do at least one piece of artwork each day. I used to do art non stop, but that gradually decreased, and now I hardly do it at all. And I really need the practice!
  6. Revise more. This time next year I will be doing my GCSE's! I didn't realise they would be so soon! And I am doing them a year early...
  7. Get a job, or at least some form of income. And stop thinking I am too young! My friend who is younger than me already has a job! Obviously not a proper one, but I can legaly do a couple of hours a week now.
It's easy to think of them, but actually doing them is the hard part! But, as always, I will try my best...


Happy New Year From London!