New Year's Resolutions


New Year is a great time for fresh starts, and I always like to set myself little goals to try and achieve in the year ahead!

  1. Keep my computer sorted! Bookmarks, pictures, videos, all in the correct folders!
  2. Reply to all messages as soon as I get them! Whether they be emails, friend requests, or comments! I'm normally really slow at replying to messages, so I think this is something that I should try and do this year.
  3. Become a 'proper' lolita. At the moment I'm just a huge lolita wannabe. I would really like to try and start my own lolita wardrobe!
  4. Make or customise more of my own clothes. I mean, honestly. What kind of fashion designer will I be who doesn't sew anything?
  5. Do at least one piece of artwork each day. I used to do art non stop, but that gradually decreased, and now I hardly do it at all. And I really need the practice!
  6. Revise more. This time next year I will be doing my GCSE's! I didn't realise they would be so soon! And I am doing them a year early...
  7. Get a job, or at least some form of income. And stop thinking I am too young! My friend who is younger than me already has a job! Obviously not a proper one, but I can legaly do a couple of hours a week now.
It's easy to think of them, but actually doing them is the hard part! But, as always, I will try my best...


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