Shopping Again


Today I went shopping again! Big shopping this time.

The main reason for going was to exchange my red SkullCandy headphones (that I got for Christmas) for pink ones.

These ones are much nicer! My other ones had a black cord but I prefer the white. And the sound quality is amazing!

I also got the most amazing shoes, that I have wanted for a very long time! They cost £70, worth every penny!

Ed Hardy is one of my favourite designers. It is very popular in Hungary, and my friend over there really loved it. I absolutely hated it, and couldn't see why she loved it so much. But then she gave me an Ed Hardy notebook, and of course I accepted it with a smile just to be polite. And I just couldn't stop looking at it! Every five minutes I woud go and have a look at the front cover, the design was just so curious. After a while of doing this, I grew to absolutely love it!

I got some nice white blouses from New Look, for school.

I also got a few more little things, including some very strange bracelets! They seem to be a mixture of keyrings and silly bandz, very interesting! I think I might wear them to school tommorrow. And finally I got one more pack of Moshi Cards, of course.


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