After a long day at school I arrived home, and my brother asked me "Did you have a nice day? Well your day just got even better!" and then he gave me a huge parcel! Of course I knew immediately what it was!

I was so excited! I opened it straight away and there it was... All my Lolligag stuff!

They are even cuter in real life than on the picture! I tried on the tops and everything fits, so I'm going to wear them all the time from now on!

Everything is good without problem as far as I can see, only the tee on the bottom left is missing. But as that was a limited edition, I suppose they must have just run out! They gave me some leaflets and stickers instead though, so it doesn't matter! I am still super-duper happy!


Lolligag said...

Lollipopsie...we are soooooooooo sorry! We must have forgotten to include the Limited Edition Tee in the rush to get it out to you! Please forgive our oversight...and be sure to be on the lookout for the missing tee in the mail. We'll send it to you this week!!!!

lolliepopsie said...

No no you don't have to do that! I am very happy with what I got, and you have already done so much for me! I know how much postage must cost, so I would feel really bad if you had to send something else out as well! :p
And I didn't expect you to be reading this! *runs and hides in shoe box!*

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