I was browsing the web when I found a video of an amazing new site - Tinkatolli! I was so excited, I think it's the best virtual world I've ever seen in my life! Of course, not enough to beat Moshi Monsters... But really, really close.

Unfortunately it's still in Beta stage, so it's only open to a select few at the moment. Anyone can apply, but there will be a bit of a wait! But in the meantime they've opened up a 'TinkaMaker', so you can have a go at making your own character! Here's mine!

I was talking to the creators on Twitter, and they're really nice too!


I just can't wait for it to open up fully, it looks so much fun!


Moshi Monsters Pop-Up Shop Opening


Yesterday I had a wonderful time at the Moshi Monsters Pop-Up Shop Opening in London! I went with my mum and brother, lilflames, and it was one of the best days of my life! I met lots of friends from my tree too.

Unfortunately my mumsie couldn't work out how to use her camcorder, so I had to record with my ipod instead. But I put all my best clips into a video, I hope you like it!

I bought lots of things, including a Talking Poppet Plushie, IGGY Backpack Buddy, Collector Tin, Moshling Figure Set, Moshi Magazine, Moshi Silly Bandz, and more!

I can't wait for the next Moshi Event!

No Internet


It's so strange to think how much we rely on internet nowadays! It really hits you when you haven't been on for a while.

I haven't been able to go on the internet for a week because of faults with our computer. We had to take it to computer-hospital, and luckily they managed to fix it! It turns out my dadsie had two firewalls running at once - So a warning to everyone now, don't make the same mistake!

So much has happened since I last posted, too! But never mind, at least I will be able to post now.

So thankyou everyone for being so patient, things will get back to normal soon!




Today I joined another new site, called Glogster! It is a very unique way of 'blogging', you can make a page using images, videos and text. Here is my first attempt!

I hope to be making more soon!


A Book For Free!


Today I had a lovely surprise! I got a free book! The book I ordered was out of stock so they sent me a complimentary book to apologise for the delay. How kind of them!

It looks slightly strange, but I've already started reading it and it's really good! Can't wait to read more!


5th Generation


Me and my brother have been busy browsing serebii.net's 5th Generation Pokemon List! I am very excited and can't wait to buy the new games!

The first thing I noticed was that the first pokemon isn't a starter pokemon, as all the others have been. It is combination of psychic and fire, and does not evolve. It's really cute though!

Maybe it's an additional starter, as Pikachu was in the 1st Generation? That remains a mystery, for now!

Overall I really love them. I already have some favourites!

Vanilluxe - the ice cream pokemon.

Minccino - the chinchilla pokemon

Lillipup - the puppy pokemon

Cute! What are your favourites?

Cute Blogs


I've been having a little look around the web and found so many adorable blogs! (Mainly thanks to Jurishi, she has such good taste!) They are really worth having a look at, if you have the time!




I am really excited about my latest account, PeriCute! It is honestly the cutest site I have ever seen!

Primarily it is an image editing site, very similar to Blingee. However, PeriCute focuses on fans of cute and kawaii! You can edit your pictures using stamps, featuring adorable images and characters. You can then share them with friends!

The social features are some of the best I've seen. You are given your own profile which you can customise with images, music, videos and more! You are even given your own 'blog', a space to share your thoughts and feelings.

And everything is just so adorable... I cannot describe to you my happiness when discovering all the cute features! There are many links to other kawaii sites too, so the fun never stops! Deffinetly a new favourite!


Pokemon Trainer Card


I have discovered a really cool site where you can make your own Pokemon Trainer Card! It's called MapleTowers. I had great fun making mine!

I just wish I had a real Friend Code to share with you all... Maybe one day.

I also had a real think about my favourite pokemon. Up until yesterday I only knew my favourite was Eevee, but now I have all six!

  1. Eevee
  2. Manaphy
  3. Mew
  4. Pikachu
  5. Giratina
  6. Arceus
I'm not so sure about all of them, but at least I have something for now.

    Shopping Again, Again


    I went shopping again, again! I bought lots of little things, and could have bought much more!

    Firstly I went into the local bookshop, and spent ages looking at all the anime and manga comics! I found one specific series that I would really like to read, called Legend.


    But unfortunately they had only one book there from the series, volume nine, and it would be a bit silly to start in the middle! So I will keep an eye out for volume one next time.

    I also bought TeenVogue for the first time, and have just finished reading it. I don't know why I've never bought it before, it's really good with lots of fashion tips! I think I will try and buy it more often from now on.

    I bought a tresemé hairbrush as well, to replace my old one. I tested it out and it's absolutely heavenly on my hair! My old one was really scratchy and horrible, which I don't understand because it was a proper designer one too... But never mind...

    I think I went a little over the top with the hair products today! I got some 'dry shampoo' which is a type of shampoo you can spray onto your hair when you are in a rush. I've never tried anything like it before but it seems quite interesting!

    And finally I got a pack of Moshi Cards, of course. I got a shiny and three other cards I didn't have!

    Pokemon Trainer Club


    I have just joined the Official Pokemon Site, the Pokemon Trainer Club! I have been meaning to for a long time... The first time I tried I was only twelve, but to join you had to have a parent or gaurdian join the site as well and as my parents don't really care for computers that was an absolute no. But I tried again earlier, and now that I'm thirteen I can join freely myself!

    It's really great fun too! You can play games to earn tokens, with which you can customise your own trainer character. Here is mine, I'm called lolliepopsie of course!


    I really like the site, and if you are as big a pokemon fan as I am joining is essential!


    Me On Google!


    I was just searching google images randomly for 'Moshi Monsters House' and after scrolling down a bit I saw a picture that really caught my eye. I was just like "that's a nice picture!" and went to have a closer look. And you'll never believe this, but it was mine!

    I was really surprised! Maybe I will come accross some of my other pictures sometime!


    Lovely Sketchfu Present


    I was really surprised that one of my friends on Sketchfu and Moshi Monsters, pokemondawn, had made me a present!

    Make your own drawings at SketchfuMore from this artist at SketchfuShare this drawing from Sketchfu
    Learn how to draw cartoons, comics, and anime at Sketchfu!

    Isn't it lovely? Thank you so much!