I am really excited about my latest account, PeriCute! It is honestly the cutest site I have ever seen!

Primarily it is an image editing site, very similar to Blingee. However, PeriCute focuses on fans of cute and kawaii! You can edit your pictures using stamps, featuring adorable images and characters. You can then share them with friends!

The social features are some of the best I've seen. You are given your own profile which you can customise with images, music, videos and more! You are even given your own 'blog', a space to share your thoughts and feelings.

And everything is just so adorable... I cannot describe to you my happiness when discovering all the cute features! There are many links to other kawaii sites too, so the fun never stops! Deffinetly a new favourite!

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Cute Kawaii Jurishi said...

im with you :)

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