Shopping Again, Again


I went shopping again, again! I bought lots of little things, and could have bought much more!

Firstly I went into the local bookshop, and spent ages looking at all the anime and manga comics! I found one specific series that I would really like to read, called Legend.


But unfortunately they had only one book there from the series, volume nine, and it would be a bit silly to start in the middle! So I will keep an eye out for volume one next time.

I also bought TeenVogue for the first time, and have just finished reading it. I don't know why I've never bought it before, it's really good with lots of fashion tips! I think I will try and buy it more often from now on.

I bought a tresemé hairbrush as well, to replace my old one. I tested it out and it's absolutely heavenly on my hair! My old one was really scratchy and horrible, which I don't understand because it was a proper designer one too... But never mind...

I think I went a little over the top with the hair products today! I got some 'dry shampoo' which is a type of shampoo you can spray onto your hair when you are in a rush. I've never tried anything like it before but it seems quite interesting!

And finally I got a pack of Moshi Cards, of course. I got a shiny and three other cards I didn't have!


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