First things first... I made an account on Stardoll! It's so much fun! Probably the best fashion virtual world there is. I was so excited to find that they have Angelic Pretty - with lollipops!

It's so gorgeous! Only problem is, you have to be a member to get those items. But they are really generous with their memberships, you could even get them for free if you wanted. I might get one, but not just yet... I've only been on the site for ten minutes, after all!

You might wonder why I've been making so many accounts on different sites lately, when I used to be so cautious about it. Well, I'm slightly tired of the internet and hoping to get myself interested again. So far it's not working... Ahaha...


Pico And More!


After a long while (a long, long while...) I finally got around to making an account on Pico! It's such a sweet virtual world, and fun too!

I tried to take some pictures using the built-in camera feature, but unfortunately my computer won't let me open them...It's a real shame, but never mind!

Whilst I was exploring I met another pico dressed in a lovely lolita outfit, so I decided to go and say hello! We soon became great friends because of our common interests, and she showed me really beautiful pictures of herself in her favourite coordinates. Can you believe it, she is only twelve years old and already a 'proper' lolita! I really wish I could be more like her.

But you still have to be careful on sites like these. I saw a Pico who looked quite nice, so I decided to go and say hello. She told me to 'get lost' and when I asked why she started swearing at me!  Luckily I am not too bothered by things like that, but I daren't think about what would happen if a younger player was to have the same experience!

Although, of course, not everyone is like that! Whatever site you go on there will always be one or two. So that hasn't clouded my experience of Pico at all, I absolutely love it still.



Today I went shopping with a group of friends, and had a lovely time! I didn't buy a lot of things, but that doesn't matter because I am still really pleased with what I got!

I bought the most lovely top from Krisp. I had never been in there before, but they had lots of really nice clothes. That was probably the shop we spent the longest in, nearly everyone bought something!

I also bought the second issue of Moshi Monsters Magazine... I got a subscription recently, but I wasn't sure if it would come with the second issue so I decided to buy it just in case. It came with a free Super Moshi Fan Pack as well!


New Blog


I'm sure you've been wondering what's been keeping me from posting in the past few days, and here's the reason - I've started a new blog!

This new blog is named after my town in Animal Crossing, Tropolis. There I will be posting about all my adventures. Of course, I will still be posting here too! This is still my main blog, but the new one is just an extra. I just thought I should let you all know, and if you are interested in the game it is well worth taking a look at!


Club Penguin


I've just made an account on Club Penguin, and... I was off in five minutes, I just couldn't stand it!

It must be the worst site that I have ever been on. It just feels as though they're trying to get money out of you the whole time. And that is probably the case, because only members can do anything, and there is at least one membership message on each page.

I don't know what I was thinking, all I know is that I'm never going on there again!


Animal Crossing WiFi


Recently we connected up our Wii to the internet, so I've been occupied by that lately. It's so much fun!

I've joined a site called Animal Crossing Community, where you can chat with friends and exchange friend codes safely. I've played with lots of people on WiFi already, and made lots of lovely friends too!

If you are interested in playing with me, just drop a comment here and I'll be in touch!