Club Penguin


I've just made an account on Club Penguin, and... I was off in five minutes, I just couldn't stand it!

It must be the worst site that I have ever been on. It just feels as though they're trying to get money out of you the whole time. And that is probably the case, because only members can do anything, and there is at least one membership message on each page.

I don't know what I was thinking, all I know is that I'm never going on there again!


blueshoonks said...

IKR I hate Club Penguin:m:

Anixstar said...

i love club penguin. sure... there are lots of stuff that only members can do, but im not a member, and i have lots of fun there.... like being a ninja. easter egg hunt... stuff. I'd say give it one more chance. But... its really your choice.

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