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After a long while (a long, long while...) I finally got around to making an account on Pico! It's such a sweet virtual world, and fun too!

I tried to take some pictures using the built-in camera feature, but unfortunately my computer won't let me open them...It's a real shame, but never mind!

Whilst I was exploring I met another pico dressed in a lovely lolita outfit, so I decided to go and say hello! We soon became great friends because of our common interests, and she showed me really beautiful pictures of herself in her favourite coordinates. Can you believe it, she is only twelve years old and already a 'proper' lolita! I really wish I could be more like her.

But you still have to be careful on sites like these. I saw a Pico who looked quite nice, so I decided to go and say hello. She told me to 'get lost' and when I asked why she started swearing at me!  Luckily I am not too bothered by things like that, but I daren't think about what would happen if a younger player was to have the same experience!

Although, of course, not everyone is like that! Whatever site you go on there will always be one or two. So that hasn't clouded my experience of Pico at all, I absolutely love it still.


Yuuki Wakasa said...

lolliepopsie, ya know how ya have Legend vol 10? Well, I have volumes 2&3! What a coinkydink,right! Also, I was wondering if you could be my...penpal? I PROMISE with all my heart i will never give out your personal info,
i just wanted to get to know you better! Also, I have something to tell you, im from Libya!
you know the country with the insane president?
Well ya, i told you, but i feel very sorry
for my country,and so i need to tell the truth! PLZ reply, Yuuki

lolliepopsie said...

I don't have any Legend books... Although I did write about them a while ago, is that why you think I have them? I do want them though xD
Sorry I don't feel comfortable giving out my address online, but thankyou for the offer anyway D:

Yuuki Wakasa said...

oh...i understand...but still i wanted to hear your opinions about ghadaffi! u know how i told you im libyan, right? well im very glad, because your country is helping my country! YAAAAAAY!
so do u think that he should leave RIGHT NOW?
i say YEEEEEESSSSS! hes an idiot and a hobo, so ya he desrves it,right? right!

lolliepopsie said...

Lybia is on the news a lot over here, but I think a lot of it might be biased... So I'm not sure how much of what we hear is actually true! xD

All that I can say is that I hope whatever happens is right for the people :3

The_Typist said...

Boo. =P
(It's the_typist from Sketchfu!) :h:

lolliepopsie said...

Hello! ;3
You snuck up on me! Aaah!
*runs away*

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