Today I went shopping with a group of friends, and had a lovely time! I didn't buy a lot of things, but that doesn't matter because I am still really pleased with what I got!

I bought the most lovely top from Krisp. I had never been in there before, but they had lots of really nice clothes. That was probably the shop we spent the longest in, nearly everyone bought something!

I also bought the second issue of Moshi Monsters Magazine... I got a subscription recently, but I wasn't sure if it would come with the second issue so I decided to buy it just in case. It came with a free Super Moshi Fan Pack as well!


LemonLimePeachMango said...

Sounds like you had lotsa fun :D

lolliepopsie said...

Yup it was great, thankyou! (:

BirthdayRain said...

Cool I also went shopping on friday with some friends of mine ^_^

LemonLimePeachMango said...

np :)

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