First things first... I made an account on Stardoll! It's so much fun! Probably the best fashion virtual world there is. I was so excited to find that they have Angelic Pretty - with lollipops!

It's so gorgeous! Only problem is, you have to be a member to get those items. But they are really generous with their memberships, you could even get them for free if you wanted. I might get one, but not just yet... I've only been on the site for ten minutes, after all!

You might wonder why I've been making so many accounts on different sites lately, when I used to be so cautious about it. Well, I'm slightly tired of the internet and hoping to get myself interested again. So far it's not working... Ahaha...

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MegaanMoshiMonster said...

Hey Lolliepopsie, I went on StarDoll once! Please be careful who you add though! I got hacked a lot, even though I didn't share any of my details or anything! And this girl that hacked me sent mean messages to all my friends! Even my real-life friends! It was horrible, I don't want something like that to happen to you!

Also, I love your vids on YouTube and keep up to date on you using this blog! I'm a big fan! AND, how did you get your blog to look so fricken' cool?!

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