Kawaii Companions~


'Kawaii' seems to be everywhere these days - Kawaii means cute in Japanese, but when we use the word kawaii we tend to mean extra, extra cute! And that is certainly the case with the newest addition to the world of kawaii, Kawaii Companions.

As I was one of the first members to the site, they kindly gave me an Ichigo necklace and ring for free!~

(Sorry for the bad photo quality, my camera broke so I had to post from my phone >.<)

The picture certainly doesn't do them any credit, but they look so much more adorable in real life! And, what's more, you can even buy them from the Ichigo Store.

On the site there is a super-sweet forum with a really friendly community. It specialises in cute things just like this, and even has various topics for lolita and fairy-kei fashion!
Check it out!


The sweet taste of candy... ♥


Candy is my most favourite thing in the whole wide world. Once you've taken a bite, you will always remember its sweet taste and one day you will want to return for more.

And such is the way with blogging. After experiencing the world of blogging for yourself the memories and experiences will always stay with you, and, inevitably, lead you back for more.

So here I am! Back to the world of blogging at long last.

For the past few days I've been working hard to add new features, pages, and improvements, and now I feel as though my blog is something I can truly be proud of. I feel more motivated than ever and can't wait to start posting again!

And besides, I want my candy.